Top of the Story Hill


9th December. Afternoon, top of the Story Hill.  I missed the dawn and the Sun rising out of Eerwah; I was driving on the road. I don’t think I would have seen much with the low cloud and light rain.



Just the smell of rain and a drop in temperature made the place look fresh again.  Poinciana trees in full bloom on the top of the Story Hill.





Sunset this evening… red on red.




Cloud, Fog and Bushfire Smoke.


Dawn 8th December. Hot, humid and foggy… the Sun is hiding.

The ‘Old People’ would not want me to show you these secrets of Eerwah, but I have to… if you don’t know, you’ll destroy it; that’s a fact.  I see things you cannot.

2 weeks to Summer Solstice.


Dawn 7th December.  No Sun to see… another dawn without the Sun, the rumble of thunder in the distance.  A young man from the USA was struck by lightning yesterday at dawn… he was killed. Him and his girl friend were camped on Mt Warning a couple of hundred miles South of here.  Some of the thunder storms we’ve  had lately have been fierce .  We had all our awnings destroyed, the gutters ripped off and a big plate-glass window blown-in and smashed.

Whatever is happening around us, the Sun is relentless in it’s march to the Summer Solstice… when that ends the world ends.  I see things you cannot.


Heavy Cloud no Sun.


Dawn 6th December.  Hot and humid, thunder rumbling to the North. The Sun would be at the top of Eerwah. No more climbing, a straight run to Summer Solstice.

It’s very dark and still for this time of morning… a change is happening.  I see things you cannot.

Eerwah at Dawn


Dawn 5th December.  Eerwah & the Sun hiding in the clouds.



Dawn; the Sun peeping out of the clouds, Eerwah hiding… From the Story Hill.

Eerwah & the Black-Cockatoos


Dawn 4th December… The Sun has just reached the top of Eerwah, fog clearing.



And out of the fog and mist came a mob of screaming Black-cockatoos, the hairs on the back of my neck rose. The world stood still. Must have been around 13 of them, to quick for my slow loading camera.


Looking West from the Story Hill; fog in the Mary Vally.  Thunder storm yesterday evening, we got 6mm… better than nothing.  Some places would have copped-it.




The Sun is hiding at dawn


Dawn 3rd December.  Heavy cloud, hot and humid with no sign of the Sun.



The moon last night.

Eerwah and Summer Solstice


Dawn 2nd December.  The Sun peeping out of Eerwah.



Summer solstice is on 21st December… every day the Sun climbs Eerwah on its way to this meeting.  Only the ‘Story Teller’ knows where the 2 meet.

I see things you cannot.



The thunder storm yesterday afternoon… some people had hail as big as tennis balls, we had 19mm  of rain.

Summer in Oz


Dawn: 1st December… The Sun climbing Eerwah.



10 minutes after the Sun has left Eerwah, fog lifting.



We call these flowers; Rain Flowers… they are some kind of lilly.  As soon as they smell rain, they come out in flower.  From a green stalk to a flower in 24 hours… I just love them.  We had a thunder storm last night with a few drops of rain… and look what happened.



Top of the Story Hill this morning; poinciana trees in full flower.  ‘Fire weather warning’ and heatwave conditions for the next few days.  When I was a young man, we never had ‘fire weather warnings’… now we have them all the time.  And people say, ‘there is no climate change… And I say;  ‘the people that say that live in air-conditioned city’s’.

Come and live in the real world and see how hot it’s getting.

I see things you cannot.

Last day of Spring


Dawn November 30th.  The Sun climbing Eerwah… 20 odd days to Solstice.  The ‘old people’ must have found this as fascinating as I do.  Nobody can see what I can see, thats why I say; I see things you cannot.

Taken with my other Nikon.

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