Summer Solstice Eve Downunder


Dawn 20th December. Low cloud, no Sun… Eerwah from the Story Hill this morning.



The Suns up but I can’t see it… in my minds eye I know where it is. As I watch and wait I’m surrounded by sound; Channel-billed- cuckoo’s call to each other, Wompoo’s and Cockatoos with the howl of a Dingo in the distance.


Blue-cheeked-honey-eater in the grevillea.  Just a sprinkle of rain overnight.



Eerwah lost in a whiteout


Dawn 19th December. The Sun and Eerwah lost in a whiteout, low cloud and drizzle . 10mil of rain overnight and so much cooler, I even have my pully (pullover) on.  We love the rain.


Point Glorious lost in the cloud… from the Story Hill this morning.


I call this a ‘Christmas Tree’… it’s a native rainforest tree that flowers at Christmas; it looks like snow.


This afternoon, top of the Story Hill after half an inch of light rain = a foot of water in the tank. Rain is life… we love it.

Waiting for Summer Solstice Downunder


Dawn 18th December. I can see just a snippet of the Sun poking out of Eerwah.



2 more Sunrise’s to Summer Solstice. Black cockatoos screaming in the valleys, but I can’t see them, whip-birds calling.



Eerwah and the Sun… from the Story Hill.  It’s a bit blurred, but so is my eye.  I see things you cannot.  It seems to me the Sun is coming to a stop, it’s definitely slowing down.

Eerwah & the journey to Summer Solstice


Dawn 17 December. Waiting for the Sun to appear out of Eerwah on it way to Summer Solstice.



The Sun peeping out of Eerwah… from the Story Hill



I did something to my eye taking photos yesterday… this is not a good idea, looking at the Sun through a lens.  Don’t do it, open the little screen or turn it on and look at that.

Wompoo’s calling, Eerwah appearing.


Dawn 16th December. Between first light and the Sun rising out of Eerwah is about a 35 to  40 minute wait; time to clean my teeth and feed the birds.


Sometimes I think the Sun is slowing down as it gets closer to Solstice.



The Sun has risen out of Eerwah, now it looks like an erupting volcano … The ‘Old People’ must have thought the God’s were communicating with them, how could they not have.  Never the same… but the same thing happens every year.  The longest day of the year and the Sun changes direction from its westwards march to an eastwards one.

I see things you cannot…




Red dawn at Eerwah


Dawn 15th December.  The smell of bushfire smoke and the sound of birds.  I wait for the Sun to appear out of Eerwah.  For thousands and thousands of years the ‘Story Tellers’ have watched what I’m watching… something magical.



Like clockwork, this has been happening in the lead-up to Summer Solstice for eons.



A window into the future… and it can only be seen from the Story Hill.  I see what you cannot.


Sunset today.  Sun comes up Sun goes down… the hands of the clock keep turning around. Looking to the west from the Story Hill.

Eerwah at Dawn


Dawn 14th December.



Rents in the sky, things change in the blink of an eye.



Just a glimpse of the Sun as it moves from Eerwah to the clouds.  7 days to Summer Solstice…  The Sunbeams coming out of Eerwah could only be see with the eye, to big for a camera.

I see things you cannot.


This afternoon; doing some work on me ‘trailer sailer’.  I have to lift it off the trailer to do some work around the centre board… also the trailer needs some maintenance.


Steps up to the top of the Story Hill… Sun going down.



The Sun & Eerwah


Dawn 13 December. The Sun at the top of Eerwah, as seen from the Story Hill this morning.  8 days to Summer solstice…  I see things you cannot.




Dawn without the Sun


Dawn 12th December.  You can guess where the Sun is behind that cloud bank… but I know.  I see things you cannot.





Eerwah at Dawn


11th December.  Dawn; I know where the Sun is, it’s at the top of Eerwah… hiding behind that cloud bank.  10 days to Summer solstice.

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