Nothing Moved… It was so Quiet

Dawn 30th December.DSCN4840

The next stop for the Sun is Winter Solstice; Eerwah from the ‘Story Hill’.



From the ‘Story Hill’ this morning.  It was so quiet as if the land was holding its breath.



Looking down to the ‘old airstrip’.



Back of the house and my Digger… 4 of my morning snaps. I see things you cannot.

First light from the Story Hill


Dawn 29th December.  Eerwah from the Story Hill… the Sun is just about to pop out of Eerwah.



Looking North; Flooded Gum catching the first rays of Sun.



Looking West into the Mary Vally.



Top Forest poking out of the fog.  All of the snaps were taken this morning.  Fog in the valleys usually means rain… I hope so, we need the rain.

Golden Dawn & Eerwah


Dawn 28th December; Eerwah from the ‘Story Hill’.   The Sun has been paused for a few days, making up its mind what to do.  The world is waiting, everything is quiet until  the golden light appears … time stands still.


The days are getting shorter as the Sum moves to the East.  I see what every ‘Story Teller’ has seen before me; always the same but different.  I see what you cannot.

Koel’s and Currawong’s


Eerwah from the Story Hill today: Dawn 27th December. Somebody asked; where do I take the pictures of Eerwah from… the answer; from one of my bedroom windows.  I haven’t seen the Sun at dawn in over a week, but I know its moving back to the East and Winter Solstice.

Koel’s and Currawong’s fill the air with their calls, Black-cockatoos shriek in the valleys below… light floods the land. I see and listen like countless generations before me… I’m not the first and I won’t be the last, just a continuation of Story Tellers.  I see things you cannot… a simple truth.

Hoppy Mice = Antechinus.

Dawn, 26 December; Boxing Day… The Sydney to Hobart yacht race, the only sport I like.  What a brilliant Christmas Day, cool to cold with an inch of rain in a thunder storm… we even had the lights on all day it was so dark; we needed the rain the tanks were just about empty.

We have an elephant in the house, we call them Hoppy-Mice.images-1

Antechinus, or as most people in the country call them; Hoppy-Mice. They look a bit like a European mouse or small rat, but in reality they are nothing like them.  For starters they are brilliant climbers, they can just about walk up glass.  They sort of hop, they don’t scuttle like mice… and they are noisy.  They eat moths and cockroaches in fact anything that moves, they love a bit of mince-meat or dog biscuits.


They would be easy pry for Cats; Cats and foxes are the worst thing to happen to Australian wild life.  We have a Hoppy-mouse in the house right now, I’ll have to trap it and take it far away into the bush for release.  There’re just so noisy and they get into everything, mischievous is the word that springs to mind.  There’re very clean, mostly ‘pooping’ in the one spot; if you put some paper down you can empty the ‘poop’ out every day… but that doesn’t stop them getting into everything.

images The young Hoppy’s sort of cling to the mother, and this is the time of year when they have babies. So don’t kill the hoppy’s… and those holes you have in your fly screen, it’s the Hoppy’s getting out of your house, not getting in; they go out of the house at night to hunt and come back in the morning to sleep.  They never creep along the side of a room, they hop down the middle and when they’re climb ing they move in bursts.  They are a beautiful creature, friendly and funny, they do such strange things; I watched one in the bathroom sliding down the bathtub for the fun of it, it did it several times.  Another time I watched one doing back flips, it was crazy to watch.  So remember, don’t have cats in the country and don’t kill the Hoppy… the Elephant in your house.

Merry Christmas Everyone



Dawn Christmas day. Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year… I’ve got’a wrap presents and things to do.  It’s cool, low cloud with a sprinkle of rain; Christmas in Queensland.

Christmas Eve Down-under


We always get the Crissy tree on the hottest day before Christmas, no exception this year.  It was like a sauna; me and the Muzzarina walked down to the gate and chopped down a ‘slash pine’ after much discussion as to what one looked the best… they’re all scrubby, but hells-bells put a bit of ‘bling’ on them and it looks great.  Digger dog loves it… and so do I.

Dull and cool with a sprinkle of rain… we need the rain.

Merry Crissy everybody and a happy New Year.

The trials of setting up a Blog…

th-12   No easy thing, setting up a Blog.  The first thing to do, is stick with it… press on regardless.  Keep pressing the ‘publish button’ and have no fear.  After 5 months of bloging on and off, I’m just starting to get a feeling about what I’m doing.

I know what I want and don’t want… but all that’s in my mind, getting it out there is different.  yesterday was the first time I’ve actually seen my blog in Reader … that was a shock. Drawings don’t show in ‘reader’ they are ‘bmp’ photo’s are ‘jpegs’… It’s all double Dutch to me, and most of you I bet.

I wish people would say what things are, instead of this URL stuff; what is a URL? I have no idea.  Make it easy, stupid. Pingbacks and plugin’s and HTML… come on speak English. Tell me what an HTML is, it must mean something, if you said what it meant I would know.

I want a blog about the ‘Story Hill’ not me or my family.  I don’t like Facebook to personal, I don’t ‘twitter’ or anything like that… so that leaves me with a ‘Blog’, not even a ‘log’ like I had when we were sailing… I prefer ‘page’ but i’m stuck with ‘blog’. So here I am.

I’ve been ‘searching’ for my page/blog in ‘Reader’ ever since I started, I still haven’t found it.  What I found yesterday was in ‘followed sites’ and to find that you have to follow your own site!  I can see I’m going to have to change the ‘theme’ this theme doesn’t  have a ‘like button’… it’s a bit of a clunker.  Why I’ve stuck with it is because the writing goes from margin to margin, but that’s about the only good thing.

Time to move on, time for a change.  I was hoping the Sun in Eerwah would be different, but that didn’t work out; like today there is no Sun and it’s going to be like that for the next week.  Over 30 odd days I only seen the Sun in Eerwah for about 10.  Not very interesting for you.

But hey, better to publish something mediocre then nothing at all, at least I’m learning.  Give me time and theres nothing I can’t do.  All I got’a do now is hit the publish button… ‘ding’

The Devil Dancing along the Western Horizon.


Dawn 22 December. Dull, cloudy and warm… Eerwah is lost in the clouds. Fed the birds and chased a ‘Bush Turkey’ … the bane of my life.  Scrub or Bush Turkeys are the kiss of death to a garden.  Stupid people feed them in the towns and suburbs and realise to late what they’ve done; their garden is destroyed in no time.  The next thing they do is trap the huge  bird and bring them out here to the ‘bush’ and realise them.  We end up with semi-tame Turkeys that rush up to you looking for a feed while destroying you garden.  They are protected… but dogs don’t know that.  What can you do.



Sunset yesterday evening; Summer Solstice.  The Devil dancing along the Western horizon… if you look at it for a minute or so, you’ll  see a face at the top.

I see things you cannot.


I love the simplicity of this Cat.



Summer Solstice and Eerwah


Summer solstice and Eerwah from the ‘Story Hill’… This snap was taken a few years ago, today there is no sign of the Sun; it’s hiding behind a heavy cloud bank.  If you could see the Sun, this is what it would look like.



Dawn 21st December.  This is as good as it got today… the old God’s are hiding.



I took this snap a few years ago; Christmas Day.  Remember; whats long to us is short to them… the days.  North and South hemisphere.



Digger Dog having a snooze … he thinks if his feet are off  the seat it’s OK.  You know what they say; ‘let sleeping dogs lie’…

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