first day of August 2016


The top of the Story Hill, thats the kitchen/dinning room.  Took the snap yesterday, it was cool and sunny. I had the fire going in the lounge.  I sat in the Sun and the stories came to me…

DSCN3389 copy

I built all the furniture; Queensland red Cedar table and the shelf with the cut-outs in the window.  I Grew the tree then cut it down, milled the timber and built things with it.  Only down side is, I’m getting allergic to the sawdust, same with a lot of dusts.


Not only did I build the furniture, I designed and built the house… I dug the footings by hand; pickaxe, crowbar and shovel… and then filled the trenches  with steel and concert. Then the mega-bricks, one at a time.  Do you know what was the hardest brick to lay? Think about it… it was the first one, the first brick is the hardest to lay when your building a brick house.


The kitchen with the walk in pantry at the top-right… its a room 15’X6′ full of shelves and stuff.


Digger dog about to go into the pantry.


Digger dog in the pantry.


The lounge room, I built all the furniture, except the sofa and seats.


12v lighting in the bookcase, solar panel charging a small 12v battery… the start of us going off grid. Built the window frames and French-doors


The fire is going… Winter down under. Most of the paintings are mine, I can’t afford to buy art.  The gate is to keep Digger dog out.



The walls are just over a foot thick. The bookcase is slotted steel with wood clued on and chipboard shelving…cheep,cheep but strong with no sags.

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