equinox in Australia


The first people.

The first people out of Africa, possibly the oldest culture in the world.

I see their magic all around, they have danced on this Story Hill since the Dreamtime.

They see things differently to you and I, they see what you cannot see.

I see what they see. I see a people going back to the beginning… the first People.




Australian aborigines.








  1. Thank you for your visit and comments on my posts 🙂 You have a very interesting blog here – I have read several of your posts but was having some difficulty in working out how to write a comment. I have read all the Journal entries of the Alchemist – fascinating 🙂

    • Story Teller left a comment on 27/09/2016 at 8:25 pm

      Thank you very much… you are the first person to comment on anything… you never know if people like what you write… or is it just nonsense ! I had a dream about Bruce Chitwin last night… I think he died of AIDS.. I loved his writing.
      I have a few stories/books about 1850’s QLD called ‘Island Head’ Historical/adventure novels, quite big/long stories 2 to 3 hundred thousand words words… 600 pages. I can’t help myself! nothing published, that’s to hard.
      I like your writing

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