Something out of nothing


Sunset last night from the Story Hill

I started with a blank sheet of virtual paper, now I have a few words in your head… a story starts; ‘Something out of nothing.’  I’m going to show you something remarkable, over the next few months I’m going to build something from nothing.

The Plan. Build a structure to meet all my energy needs into the future for 4 people.  It must be totally self sufficient: food, water, lighting, heating, cooking, cooling, power making- energy storing, waist management.  The total off-grid system for 4 people.

Everything starts with a dream, I’m going to show you how to turn a dream into reality. I’m going to inspire you… slowly, slowly at first, then gradually we’ll pick up steam.


This morning from the Story Hill…


Sunday 14th August…  What I need now is some wood… and ‘wallah’ a tree fall’s down in the last big wind.


Now I have to cut it up into manageable pieces and drag in to where I need it.




The one job where you start at the top, digging a hole


Thats what I see; fog in the Mary Vally, Bandicoot digging – Wampoo calling…



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