Building and Art


King Parrot came to see me this morning (male), he sat outside the kitchen door and whistled at me.  I gave it some seed, he fed from my hand… mostly he wanted to chat, so I talked and he listened.  We talked about the building I’m doing, we enjoyed our company… I think.  Birds, dogs and horses I talk to them all the time; we are all related you know.


Building a new awning outside the kitchen door, the last one got blown away in a storm… this is what the King Parrot came to see.  I’m putting a lightweight roof on it, I’ve got half of it on since I took this snap.



My ‘ute’ and the Boat Shed I’m building.


24′ trailer-sailer… I got it for 2 and a half grand; bargain.  I have to do quite a bit of work on it before I can sail it, dry rot in the deck and a crack around the centre-board.  I got my youngest daughter to strip out all the bling and carpets that were glued to the walls… miles of wiring and other rubbish.  When it comes to sailing; keep it simple, stupid.

I’m putting a ‘loft’ above the boat… I’ve spent about 2 grand so far.  The boat-shed is 30 foot long and the loft will be 18′ X 12′ … I intend it to be quite ‘schmick’ on the inside with that ‘beach-comer’ look.  I don’t want to spend more than 5 grand.  Access to the Loft is across the lawn from the house.  I’ve planted grapes and flowering vines, hopefully in a couple of years it will be covered in flowers and yummy grapes; I love living walls.

Art and building’s, I cant get enough of them, I can look at them for hours… it makes my mind work, I see so many possibilities.  Dob’s of paint or chips in stone and wood piled together … it’s the cutting edge of civilisation, always has been… always will be; along with numbers and the writer word.

I see things you cannot.

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