Upstairs Downstairs

Building in the ‘bush’ or as I would say; out of town.  The 2 services we don’t have is, water and sewage… so the first consideration is, water catchment, in other words ya need a big roof without to much pitch.  Big mistake people and architect’s make is building a double story town house for the bush; double story has half the roof of a single story, consequently half the water catchment.  The other thing ya need is easy access to the roof, ya have to be able to sweep the roof and clean out the gutters easily… so a steep pitch is a no no.

I have a small door from my upstairs bedroom onto the roof for maintenance and cleaning, ladders are for people that don’t know about doors.


Above:  The small door next to my bed that opens’s onto the main roof.


Our bedroom with TV over the bed, (no stiff neck for me) stairwell on the left.


The bedroom is 30’X 30′ the walls are a foot thick… I designed and built everything myself.   The one big mistake I made was putting a flat roof on this room; flat roof’s do not work… never never have a flat roof.  Flat roof’s leak and you cant get into them to check for termites;  I’m replacing my flat roof.

On my bedroom roof the only thing going for it is, they are cheep and easy to put up; no gutters, no capping.

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