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The truth is everybody lies, tells fibs.  If somebody says they never lie… they’re  lying; everybody tells lies… its a fact of life.  Big lies, small lies, white lies, untruths.  Its the one thing in life you can guarantee, lies.  Presidents, politicians, preachers and friends, nobody is immune. We listen to what we want to here, sometimes, most times… a lie is better than the truth; thats why we tell them.

How do we stop mass shootings/killings? Take away the weapons is one way, but the truth is there are to many weapons out there; that is not a lie.  The other way is to stop giving the perpetrators what they want; to go down in infamy, their names forever in history.  A nobody made into somebody, thats what these people want.  The names of mass killers should never be made public, only the place and the fact that a crazed person did such and such.  Never give these people what they want; their names world wide, their history published… infamy.

Yet after the last mass shooting/killing in Las Vegas the police and press say they are baffled as to the motive of the killer!!!  The ‘media’ have made mass killing into a competition for crazed people, guaranteeing the person who kills the most people, a place in history… fame in infamy.

The truth of the lies we believe.

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