Months without rain

1st day of October and it’s so dry. As the sun came up 3 white cockatoo’s flew out of the mist calling to each other, filling the valleys with their raucous call.  I watched them circle the top of the Story Hill… something  was happening, the hairs on the back of my neck rose.

there are more things in heaven than earth, there is so much we cannot understand yet sometimes we know something is happening… it’s that six sense, something so old, something in our first strand of DNA.  Everything living is connected…

a few hours later the first drop of rain fell and then it started pouring, some places got flooded, 3and4 hundred mills of rain… we got 50mll  that’s 2inches – 8 thousand gallons in the tanks.

l knew something was going to happen… I see things you cannot.

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