The things you find in the garden.


The things you find in the garden:  I threw this old  broken leged plastic chair away… at least I thought I had… then I found it next to the cubby/tree house; I couldn’t get over how fixed it was.  Latter I seen one of my granddaughters sitting in it.  Whats rubbish to you could be art to me… even a chair to little people.




Building a boat shed for me 24′ trailer-sailer… built of ‘bush timber’.  Lifted the boat off the trailer for a bit of maintenance on the trailer… I’m going to turn the boat upside down to do some work around the centreboard.  That is; when I get the time… time is so precious.  What is an hour of your time worth?  Think about it, think carefully.



Winter westerly blowing a gale…  this wind comes from the desert and can be bitterly cold.




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