No Mac Air, no write blog

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My MacAir laptop stopped working… it’s only 2 years old.  Somebody said I’d been ‘techno’ed rogered’!  How right they were.  I’ve been off-air for months, back to me old iPad but its just to small for me to write from.

Now I’m back with a new Mac.  So much has been happening, its now mid Winter in SE Queensland; foggy first thing, clear sunny days and cold nights.


Its a year ago this week  I started this blog; mostly I wanted to record the history of this ‘Story Hill’… this is the first time the history has been written down, in the past it was handed down orally.  Somehow I believe this ‘digital recording’ is as transience as talking… I can’t see it lasting more than a century or two, what with Sun spots, nuclear war or some kind of super bug that will infect all computers worldwide; but thats another story.

In the meantime I’m back… I see things you cannot.


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