The Science of stupid

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Keep it simple stupid has been lost on the manufactures of anything with a remote control. Have you ever tried to use an unfamiliar remote lately? When on holidays we decided to watch some TV. Big mistake; turning it on was fairly straightforward, the button with an 0 and a stroke out the middle. A big red button with on/off would be simpler, (it would teach half the world 2 important English words) but no, we have a symbol that some idiot dreamt up in Tokyo or Berlin that has no meaning, except to the fool that dreamt it up. (The world needs less symbols, not more.)
Changing channels was a nightmare… close to 40 buttons to push and one OK  and each button only has one function, so to undo a wrong push you have to find the opposite button. We had to push every button and then remember what each did, and nothing works until you’ve undone the first mistake. It took quite some time just to change channels. A simple task made hard; why? I believe the people designing and testing simple things like remotes and mobile phones are over qualified and plain stupid… they are the people who can solve a Rubrics Cube in 2 seconds. When designing gadgets for world consumption they should be easy to operate and understand by everyone, not just an elite few.

If I was selling gadgets to the world, the first thing I would do is to try them out on 50 idiots and fools… if they couldn’t operate them, it would be back to the drawing board… Make it simple, stupid.

What about the gobbledegook people write? I got a quote from a Solar Panel installer that made no sense at all … the only thing clear was the price; until I found a few hidden charges in the small print! There was a charge for a DSI and I had to have EcT installed, but they were WLAN enabled ? One lot of panels were made in China the other engineered in Germany; but on further investigation I found out they were both made in China. Engineered and made is not quite the same; slippery hey. I wrote back and asked what a DSI was and an EcT!… when they wrote back, I couldn’t open the attachment; I would have to download an App and sign up to some club and receive ‘free’ emails before I would be able to read their reply…
I’m looking for another Solar Panel installer. The customer is always right… some people have forgotten that; they might do alright, but they won’t get rich.







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