A Billion Dollar Idea

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I’m very rich, but I don’t have a lot of money, coin or gold.
Just one of the many idea’s I think of. This idea came to me about a decade ago, even longer. It was when I was first learning how to type… I’m still a very slow typer, but thats OK, I think slowly. I see things in a different way to most people… I have no limitations on my imagination, no negative thoughts.
Everything is posable, no such word as ‘cannot’.

It would seem to me, the one limiting factor with computers and mobile phones is the input by the operator … in other words the keyboard . If you want to write something, you have to press keys/buttons arranged on a keyboard… a very clunky and old fashioned bit of technology. Why have a keyboard? Get rid of the keyboard and what have we left… just our fingers and thats all we need. 8 finger tips, 2 thumbs plus their joints and our palms… thats about 14 pressure points, I’m sure theres more; everything can be improved on.
The hardware is the buttons or pressure points stuck to you finger tips, the software is the keyboard superimposed around your screen in any way the operator likes. When you press/touch your finger against anything, a letter would appear on the screen, your hand is the mouse. Like invisible gloves you would literally wear the keyboard and mouse on your hands… you could write a letter or any document with your hands in your pockets.
Lot’s of ways to set up the software from beginners to professionals. Hit a key and the letter would fill your screen, then shrink into your word. The alphabet could be scattered around you screen in any way that suits, or laid out like a normal keyboard. Whatever, the keyboard and mouse is redundant.
I would imagine a few mill in development and getting it out there, patents, manufacturing and advertising. Keyboards and the mouse would be redundant … an exclusive market of a billion or so
Remember, it was my idea; The Story Teller, oracleofeerwah.com HT Buckley Cooroy Queensland… will find me.
I see things you cannot.

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