The trials of setting up a Blog…

th-12   No easy thing, setting up a Blog.  The first thing to do, is stick with it… press on regardless.  Keep pressing the ‘publish button’ and have no fear.  After 5 months of bloging on and off, I’m just starting to get a feeling about what I’m doing.

I know what I want and don’t want… but all that’s in my mind, getting it out there is different.  yesterday was the first time I’ve actually seen my blog in Reader … that was a shock. Drawings don’t show in ‘reader’ they are ‘bmp’ photo’s are ‘jpegs’… It’s all double Dutch to me, and most of you I bet.

I wish people would say what things are, instead of this URL stuff; what is a URL? I have no idea.  Make it easy, stupid. Pingbacks and plugin’s and HTML… come on speak English. Tell me what an HTML is, it must mean something, if you said what it meant I would know.

I want a blog about the ‘Story Hill’ not me or my family.  I don’t like Facebook to personal, I don’t ‘twitter’ or anything like that… so that leaves me with a ‘Blog’, not even a ‘log’ like I had when we were sailing… I prefer ‘page’ but i’m stuck with ‘blog’. So here I am.

I’ve been ‘searching’ for my page/blog in ‘Reader’ ever since I started, I still haven’t found it.  What I found yesterday was in ‘followed sites’ and to find that you have to follow your own site!  I can see I’m going to have to change the ‘theme’ this theme doesn’t  have a ‘like button’… it’s a bit of a clunker.  Why I’ve stuck with it is because the writing goes from margin to margin, but that’s about the only good thing.

Time to move on, time for a change.  I was hoping the Sun in Eerwah would be different, but that didn’t work out; like today there is no Sun and it’s going to be like that for the next week.  Over 30 odd days I only seen the Sun in Eerwah for about 10.  Not very interesting for you.

But hey, better to publish something mediocre then nothing at all, at least I’m learning.  Give me time and theres nothing I can’t do.  All I got’a do now is hit the publish button… ‘ding’

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