The Devil Dancing along the Western Horizon.


Dawn 22 December. Dull, cloudy and warm… Eerwah is lost in the clouds. Fed the birds and chased a ‘Bush Turkey’ … the bane of my life.  Scrub or Bush Turkeys are the kiss of death to a garden.  Stupid people feed them in the towns and suburbs and realise to late what they’ve done; their garden is destroyed in no time.  The next thing they do is trap the huge  bird and bring them out here to the ‘bush’ and realise them.  We end up with semi-tame Turkeys that rush up to you looking for a feed while destroying you garden.  They are protected… but dogs don’t know that.  What can you do.



Sunset yesterday evening; Summer Solstice.  The Devil dancing along the Western horizon… if you look at it for a minute or so, you’ll  see a face at the top.

I see things you cannot.


I love the simplicity of this Cat.



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