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The truth is everybody lies, tells fibs.  If somebody says they never lie… they’re  lying; everybody tells lies… its a fact of life.  Big lies, small lies, white lies, untruths.  Its the one thing in life you can guarantee, lies.  Presidents, politicians, preachers and friends, nobody is immune. We listen to what we want to here, sometimes, most times… a lie is better than the truth; thats why we tell them.

How do we stop mass shootings/killings? Take away the weapons is one way, but the truth is there are to many weapons out there; that is not a lie.  The other way is to stop giving the perpetrators what they want; to go down in infamy, their names forever in history.  A nobody made into somebody, thats what these people want.  The names of mass killers should never be made public, only the place and the fact that a crazed person did such and such.  Never give these people what they want; their names world wide, their history published… infamy.

Yet after the last mass shooting/killing in Las Vegas the police and press say they are baffled as to the motive of the killer!!!  The ‘media’ have made mass killing into a competition for crazed people, guaranteeing the person who kills the most people, a place in history… fame in infamy.

The truth of the lies we believe.

MacAir on the blink again

i have so much to say, but my iPad is to small to write from.  Downloading an update let a bug into the system on my lappy… taking weeks to fix.

i give computers 10 to 15 years before somebody invents the Super Bug, something so simple it will replicate worldwide within weeks… it will happen. I see things you cannot.

I’ve had some startling insights over the last few weeks/months… simple,elegent truths.

Months without rain

1st day of October and it’s so dry. As the sun came up 3 white cockatoo’s flew out of the mist calling to each other, filling the valleys with their raucous call.  I watched them circle the top of the Story Hill… something  was happening, the hairs on the back of my neck rose.

there are more things in heaven than earth, there is so much we cannot understand yet sometimes we know something is happening… it’s that six sense, something so old, something in our first strand of DNA.  Everything living is connected…

a few hours later the first drop of rain fell and then it started pouring, some places got flooded, 3and4 hundred mills of rain… we got 50mll  that’s 2inches – 8 thousand gallons in the tanks.

l knew something was going to happen… I see things you cannot.

The things you find in the garden.


The things you find in the garden:  I threw this old  broken leged plastic chair away… at least I thought I had… then I found it next to the cubby/tree house; I couldn’t get over how fixed it was.  Latter I seen one of my granddaughters sitting in it.  Whats rubbish to you could be art to me… even a chair to little people.




Building a boat shed for me 24′ trailer-sailer… built of ‘bush timber’.  Lifted the boat off the trailer for a bit of maintenance on the trailer… I’m going to turn the boat upside down to do some work around the centreboard.  That is; when I get the time… time is so precious.  What is an hour of your time worth?  Think about it, think carefully.



Winter westerly blowing a gale…  this wind comes from the desert and can be bitterly cold.




2B or not 2B


From the ‘Story Hill’ looking NW.


I see the past as the future, the future untold.  Like all the Story Tellers before me, I see things you cannot; it’s not a riddle or a prediction, just a fact.  Did you see the dingo chasing a wallaby… I did, you did not.  So its true; I see things you cannot or did not.

 What’s rich to me, could be poor to you… life is a conundrum .


One of my grandchildren watching TV and a DVD on a laptop at the same time…multitasking. Me, I stair into the fire and see things you cannot.

Winter in Queensland


July 7th 2017… One year of blogging.  Its cold, foggy, drizzling rain and I’ve still got the lights on at midday; very unusual for a Queensland winter day… I’m not complaining I love the rain, rain is life.


Looking West from the Story Hill into the Mary Valley.


A new road/fire break I had dozed a few weeks ago, its a hundred feet or so below the house and the top of the hill.DSCN5202

Thats me keeping an eye on the ‘Cat Drott’.  Never let a dozer lose on your property without supervising every step of the way… dozer operators love knocking trees down.  Every tree knocked down I replace with 3.

No Mac Air, no write blog

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My MacAir laptop stopped working… it’s only 2 years old.  Somebody said I’d been ‘techno’ed rogered’!  How right they were.  I’ve been off-air for months, back to me old iPad but its just to small for me to write from.

Now I’m back with a new Mac.  So much has been happening, its now mid Winter in SE Queensland; foggy first thing, clear sunny days and cold nights.


Its a year ago this week  I started this blog; mostly I wanted to record the history of this ‘Story Hill’… this is the first time the history has been written down, in the past it was handed down orally.  Somehow I believe this ‘digital recording’ is as transience as talking… I can’t see it lasting more than a century or two, what with Sun spots, nuclear war or some kind of super bug that will infect all computers worldwide; but thats another story.

In the meantime I’m back… I see things you cannot.


The Science of stupid

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Keep it simple stupid has been lost on the manufactures of anything with a remote control. Have you ever tried to use an unfamiliar remote lately? When on holidays we decided to watch some TV. Big mistake; turning it on was fairly straightforward, the button with an 0 and a stroke out the middle. A big red button with on/off would be simpler, (it would teach half the world 2 important English words) but no, we have a symbol that some idiot dreamt up in Tokyo or Berlin that has no meaning, except to the fool that dreamt it up. (The world needs less symbols, not more.)
Changing channels was a nightmare… close to 40 buttons to push and one OK  and each button only has one function, so to undo a wrong push you have to find the opposite button. We had to push every button and then remember what each did, and nothing works until you’ve undone the first mistake. It took quite some time just to change channels. A simple task made hard; why? I believe the people designing and testing simple things like remotes and mobile phones are over qualified and plain stupid… they are the people who can solve a Rubrics Cube in 2 seconds. When designing gadgets for world consumption they should be easy to operate and understand by everyone, not just an elite few.

If I was selling gadgets to the world, the first thing I would do is to try them out on 50 idiots and fools… if they couldn’t operate them, it would be back to the drawing board… Make it simple, stupid.

What about the gobbledegook people write? I got a quote from a Solar Panel installer that made no sense at all … the only thing clear was the price; until I found a few hidden charges in the small print! There was a charge for a DSI and I had to have EcT installed, but they were WLAN enabled ? One lot of panels were made in China the other engineered in Germany; but on further investigation I found out they were both made in China. Engineered and made is not quite the same; slippery hey. I wrote back and asked what a DSI was and an EcT!… when they wrote back, I couldn’t open the attachment; I would have to download an App and sign up to some club and receive ‘free’ emails before I would be able to read their reply…
I’m looking for another Solar Panel installer. The customer is always right… some people have forgotten that; they might do alright, but they won’t get rich.










My normally lush green lawn is gone.  The ‘wet season’ never happened, the rainwater tanks are dry… I’v even had to buy water, get it trucked out from town. Since November, every day except a handful, has been over 30c… its been relentless.

People that say climate change is not happening have their head in the sand.  Its not the end of the world, its a change… climate change.  We will adept, we’ll have to.  It will rain, the thing is… when.


A Billion Dollar Idea

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I’m very rich, but I don’t have a lot of money, coin or gold.
Just one of the many idea’s I think of. This idea came to me about a decade ago, even longer. It was when I was first learning how to type… I’m still a very slow typer, but thats OK, I think slowly. I see things in a different way to most people… I have no limitations on my imagination, no negative thoughts.
Everything is posable, no such word as ‘cannot’.

It would seem to me, the one limiting factor with computers and mobile phones is the input by the operator … in other words the keyboard . If you want to write something, you have to press keys/buttons arranged on a keyboard… a very clunky and old fashioned bit of technology. Why have a keyboard? Get rid of the keyboard and what have we left… just our fingers and thats all we need. 8 finger tips, 2 thumbs plus their joints and our palms… thats about 14 pressure points, I’m sure theres more; everything can be improved on.
The hardware is the buttons or pressure points stuck to you finger tips, the software is the keyboard superimposed around your screen in any way the operator likes. When you press/touch your finger against anything, a letter would appear on the screen, your hand is the mouse. Like invisible gloves you would literally wear the keyboard and mouse on your hands… you could write a letter or any document with your hands in your pockets.
Lot’s of ways to set up the software from beginners to professionals. Hit a key and the letter would fill your screen, then shrink into your word. The alphabet could be scattered around you screen in any way that suits, or laid out like a normal keyboard. Whatever, the keyboard and mouse is redundant.
I would imagine a few mill in development and getting it out there, patents, manufacturing and advertising. Keyboards and the mouse would be redundant … an exclusive market of a billion or so
Remember, it was my idea; The Story Teller, HT Buckley Cooroy Queensland… will find me.
I see things you cannot.

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