Summer solstice


Eerwah and Summer solstice. 5 past 5 in the morning from the Story Hill.  Cuckoo’s and Currawong’s with a Dingo in the distance.


December down-under

The Sun is in Eerwah… but you can’t see it for the clouds.  Summer solstice on the 22nd.

DSCN6666Eerwah from the Story Hill.


DSCN6591Ridgewood; looking West from the Story Hill



Top of the Story Hill… kitchen door, crape mertil and poinciana in flower.



Creap Mertil.


Summer Down -under.



Me boat shed with the sail loft… still building.



Every bloke should have a boat shed with a loft… wot fun.

Tender-hooks or Tenterhooks

via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

I always thought it was ‘Tender-hooks’… I presumed in my mind that ‘tender-hooks’ were steel hooks that a Butcher hung meat on to tenderise it… in other words; hung out to dry or tenderise.

It was only a few years ago I found out that it was ‘Tenterhooks’ and not ‘Tender-hooks’…  What a disappointment.  I still think Tender-hooks is better, only the Welsh could think up a word like Tenterhooks… and thats fairdinkum.

1st December; Summer Down-Under


There is no God, only the Beginning.

Before the Beginning , there was God…











The above photo was taken first thing in the morning from the Story Hill… the beautiful dragon ‘Tuchekoi’ can beeb seen breaking out of the cloud bank over the Mary River… the ethereal  reptile is rarely seen.

Looking West towards Brooloo upper Mary Vally.  Spring 2017

November; last month of Spring


Looking West, mist over the Mary River and in the background Brooloo or as the ‘white people’ call it; Kenilworth Bluff… taken from the Story Hill.


Eerwah and bush fire smoke; from the Story Hill.




Illawarra Flame Tree in full bloom… below; petals on the ground.  Top of the Story Hill.





Silky Oak Tree in flower; top of the Story Hill


images copy 3

Building and Art


King Parrot came to see me this morning (male), he sat outside the kitchen door and whistled at me.  I gave it some seed, he fed from my hand… mostly he wanted to chat, so I talked and he listened.  We talked about the building I’m doing, we enjoyed our company… I think.  Birds, dogs and horses I talk to them all the time; we are all related you know.


Building a new awning outside the kitchen door, the last one got blown away in a storm… this is what the King Parrot came to see.  I’m putting a lightweight roof on it, I’ve got half of it on since I took this snap.



My ‘ute’ and the Boat Shed I’m building.


24′ trailer-sailer… I got it for 2 and a half grand; bargain.  I have to do quite a bit of work on it before I can sail it, dry rot in the deck and a crack around the centre-board.  I got my youngest daughter to strip out all the bling and carpets that were glued to the walls… miles of wiring and other rubbish.  When it comes to sailing; keep it simple, stupid.

I’m putting a ‘loft’ above the boat… I’ve spent about 2 grand so far.  The boat-shed is 30 foot long and the loft will be 18′ X 12′ … I intend it to be quite ‘schmick’ on the inside with that ‘beach-comer’ look.  I don’t want to spend more than 5 grand.  Access to the Loft is across the lawn from the house.  I’ve planted grapes and flowering vines, hopefully in a couple of years it will be covered in flowers and yummy grapes; I love living walls.

Art and building’s, I cant get enough of them, I can look at them for hours… it makes my mind work, I see so many possibilities.  Dob’s of paint or chips in stone and wood piled together … it’s the cutting edge of civilisation, always has been… always will be; along with numbers and the writer word.

I see things you cannot.

Upstairs Downstairs

Building in the ‘bush’ or as I would say; out of town.  The 2 services we don’t have is, water and sewage… so the first consideration is, water catchment, in other words ya need a big roof without to much pitch.  Big mistake people and architect’s make is building a double story town house for the bush; double story has half the roof of a single story, consequently half the water catchment.  The other thing ya need is easy access to the roof, ya have to be able to sweep the roof and clean out the gutters easily… so a steep pitch is a no no.

I have a small door from my upstairs bedroom onto the roof for maintenance and cleaning, ladders are for people that don’t know about doors.


Above:  The small door next to my bed that opens’s onto the main roof.


Our bedroom with TV over the bed, (no stiff neck for me) stairwell on the left.


The bedroom is 30’X 30′ the walls are a foot thick… I designed and built everything myself.   The one big mistake I made was putting a flat roof on this room; flat roof’s do not work… never never have a flat roof.  Flat roof’s leak and you cant get into them to check for termites;  I’m replacing my flat roof.

On my bedroom roof the only thing going for it is, they are cheep and easy to put up; no gutters, no capping.


images copy

The truth is everybody lies, tells fibs.  If somebody says they never lie… they’re  lying; everybody tells lies… its a fact of life.  Big lies, small lies, white lies, untruths.  Its the one thing in life you can guarantee, lies.  Presidents, politicians, preachers and friends, nobody is immune. We listen to what we want to here, sometimes, most times… a lie is better than the truth; thats why we tell them.

How do we stop mass shootings/killings? Take away the weapons is one way, but the truth is there are to many weapons out there; that is not a lie.  The other way is to stop giving the perpetrators what they want; to go down in infamy, their names forever in history.  A nobody made into somebody, thats what these people want.  The names of mass killers should never be made public, only the place and the fact that a crazed person did such and such.  Never give these people what they want; their names world wide, their history published… infamy.

Yet after the last mass shooting/killing in Las Vegas the police and press say they are baffled as to the motive of the killer!!!  The ‘media’ have made mass killing into a competition for crazed people, guaranteeing the person who kills the most people, a place in history… fame in infamy.

The truth of the lies we believe.

MacAir on the blink again

i have so much to say, but my iPad is to small to write from.  Downloading an update let a bug into the system on my lappy… taking weeks to fix.

i give computers 10 to 15 years before somebody invents the Super Bug, something so simple it will replicate worldwide within weeks… it will happen. I see things you cannot.

I’ve had some startling insights over the last few weeks/months… simple,elegent truths.

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